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Chiizu Photo File Workflow is an easy to use program for managing files (images as well as any other file type), and subfolders in a dynamic environment.


It runs in the background to continually copy, move, sort, create your photos as they are taken or memory cards are inserted.


You can set up any number of Actions which can monitor a subfolder or disk drive (including removable media like compact flash or USB camera connections), and perform file manipulations on target files including renaming, rotating JPG files based on EXIF information and sending files to external applications for further processing.


You may also perform actions on files within subfolders and can manage these subfolders as well - copy, move and delete.


Chiizu Photo File Workflow also supports several different Action scheduling options - continually processing the actions, at application start or shutdown, at a particular time, at a timed interval or on a user initiated command (via a menu).


You can store text information in Chiizu EXIF - which is information that can later be used for organizing photos by renaming files and creating folders using this information that is stored within the JPG file.


Lastly you can create composite images with borders, logos and more using templates created with Chiizu Photo Layout.




The main actions are:


delete, move and copy files
move files from media - this is commonly used for moving files from memory cards or cameras.
delete, move and copy subfolders
create new composite photographs using Chiizu PLT (Picture Layout Template) files - add borders, logos, even green-screen fantasy photos


You can select files to operate on using many filters including EXIF flags, time taken, GPS coordinates, etc.


1.Delete Files will simply remove files that meet the file specifications criteria.
2.Move Files will take files from a source folder and move them with optional renaming and dynamic destination folder creation.
3.Copy Files will simply take files in a source folder and copy them to a destination folder.
4.Move Files from Media is similar to move, but will search all subfolders on the specified source device. Move from Media also displays a progress indicator dialog box so the operator can monitor the transfer and remove the media on completion.
5.Delete Subfolders will remove files within subfolders that meet the file criteria specified and the subfolders themselves if they are empty.
6.Move Subfolders will move the files within the subfolders that meet the file criteria specified into subfolders with the same name.  It will then remove empty subfolders from the source.
7.Copy Subfolders will copy the files within the subfolders that meet the file criteria specified into subfolders with the same names.
8.Create Images using PLT will allow you to combine input photos with Chiizu Picture Layout Templates for batch processed image aggregation.
9.Upload Photo Files to a webserver for eCommerce and online photo sharing.



Source File Specifications


Wildcard File Specifications such as *.jpg or Koala*.* can be used to define the files you want to perform the action on. You can also specify the minimum age of the file in minutes, hours or days (if, for instance, you only wanted to keep images less than 4 hours old at a theme park or event). You can also specify to leave at least a certain number of files, for instance, delete all jpgs except for the most recent 10.


You can also use regular expressions to define the Wildcard file specification.  This can be very a powerful approach to identifying the exact files you want the action to process.


Another powerful approach to file selection specification is to include filters for the location the photo was taken.  This requires a camera with a built in or accessory GPS (Global Positioning System).  You can then specify where the photo needed to be taken to include or exclude it from being processed by the action.


Renaming Files


Files can be renamed as part of the action with powerful templates for naming conventions including dates, times, original filename components, counts, user defined text, EXIF contents, ChiizuEXIF contents, scanned barcode information and much more.


If an id.txt file exists in the source folder, additional information can be used for naming files including photographer ID, event ID, card ID, and 3 user specified identifiers. These id.txt files are especially handy if placed on digital camera memory sticks. Files that are moved from these memory sticks can be renamed and placed in different folders depending on the photographer, card, event, or any number of the three user definable values that are set out in the id.txt file.


You can even use 2D barcodes from within the photograph to rename files.


            QR Code


You also can scan 1D barcodes, read ID.TXT files, type in text, select keywords from a listbox and more in order to make information available for renaming, creating subfolders and uploading files to ecommerce web sites.


A rename template editor makes it easy to accomplish powerful file renaming tasks.


Sample ID.TXT file contents:


photographerid=Sam Smith


eventid=Bigco Pty Sales Convention

userid1=8pm Portrait sitting

userid2=Upper conference room


File Manipulation


Files can be modified in several different ways:


Images can be rotated based on EXIF contents
File date can be made current
Read only attributes can be modified
Files can be sent to external applications (for example an Adobe Photoshop droplet) for additional processing)


Chiizu PLT (Photo Layout Template) composite photograph generation


Photo File Workflow is great for automatically combining PLT Template files with input JPG files to add logos, frames, captions and more.


Here's an example of a basic PLT Action output:


Example of a PLT Template output from Photo File Workflow

Example of a PLT Template output from Photo File Workflow


The photographs are taken with a camera tethered to the computer, to automatically add a border then send them to Chiizu Photo Printer for output.  All automatically and real time so the customer can pick up the print almost immediately.


Destination Subfolders


To make file management and organization easier, you can also get Chiizu File Workflow to automatically create destination subfolders. Imagine being able to create subfolders based on date, time, batchID or a user definable ID.TXT file. For example, a new folder could be created each day for each of your photographers. Simply use the Edit Subfolder Name Template Editor to select photographer ID and Date and you're done manually copying and sorting files!