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Photography professionals, photo labs and event photo specialists love how easy Photo Layout makes it to enhance their digital images with graphics and text to create event images, cards, albums, fantasy images and more.

Photo Layout helps you to create memorable prints from digital images by adding backgrounds and foregrounds, text, borders and logos to your images. Photo Layout's drag-&-drop, wysiwyg functionality makes it easy to use. But with its ability to save templates and transformation settings Photo Layout gives you high productivity when you need it; so it's  ideal for school, event and theme park photography.

You can then use the templates created in Photo Layout within the other Chiizu Applications - for an interactive kiosk and checkout, use Chiizu Photo Retailer, for a batch process, populate your templates with Chiizu Photo File Workflow.

Photo Layout includes a professional Green Screen facility. Using state-of-the-art background subtraction algorithms with multi-point sampling, Photo Layout \ gives you the easiest and cleanest chroma-key results with the industry's simplest WYSIWYG template editing interface.