Introduction - Chiizu Photo Retailer

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Chiizu Photo Retailer is designed to help you manipulate digital photos for your customers.  The application is flexible enough to support many situations - from applying basic photo borders to full green-screen fantasy photo applications.


Chiizu Photo Retailer is part of Chiizu's suite of photo event applications.  The applications work together in order to build complex digital imaging workflows for event and other onsite photography.  The other applications are:


1.Chiizu Photo Layout - used to build templates for Chiizu Photo Retailer and Photo File Workflow.  It's also used on it's own for photo manipulation with borders, green-screen, creating photo albums for printing, making photo greeting cards and more.
2.Chiizu Photo File Workflow - this is the batch mode workhorse application of the suite - used for file management, image rotates, renaming, archiving, folder creation, automated camera file transfers, sorting, selection based on GPS coordinates, filename specifications and lastly it can automatically apply Photo Layout templates to photos in a batch mode.
3.Chiizu Photo Printer - used to print from hot-folders to multiple Windows printers, load balancing and more.  It's used to print pictures created in Photo File Workflow and to print orders created in Photo Retailer.


Chiizu Photo Retailer is designed to be used by event photographers on-site to create and sell images to their customers real time.  It combines the ability to select photos from multiple different sources then apply related photo templates to these in order to produce various print sizes.


The easy to use graphical user interface allows you to insert images as they are captured onto a template.  The template has a custom background image (with transparency applied to the input photo) and an overlay layer.  The operator can also make exposure, color and positional adjustments before adding the final image to a shopping cart.


Easy selection of templates and input image folders are provided, as well as a shopping cart to allow a total cost to be applied to the final job. Images can be sent to print using the easily integrated Photo Printer software.




The main features of Chiizu Photo Retailer include:


User interface

mouse, keyboard and/or touch screen kiosk interface options
multiple monitor controls
flexible user interface options for hiding unused controls, etc


Photo sales

single (one click) or multiple item (shopping cart) ordering
multiple input folders
multiple print hot-folders
print packages for multi item discounts
detailed order reporting (XML) and summary reports (CSV)
receipt with barcode



easy to create templates (using Chiizu Photo Layout) - supports multiple input photos
text caption overlay (editable, date, filename)
advanced green-screen transparency capability



archive by day
re-open old orders using barcodes or order ID
locate source images by barcode or person ID





Chiizu Photo Retailer main screen